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Learn more about what we do

Our Story

Established in 1983 and formally chartered in 1984, the New Mexico Chapter of the American Marketing Association (NMAMA) represents marketing professionals throughout New Mexico—a full mix of client-side, agency and marketing service providers—and provides a forum for the educational and professional development of its members. The NMAMA helps the New Mexico marketing community understand a variety of marketing-related topics, trends, and innovations through educational programs, resources, and value-added networking during the year.

Past Presidents
2020-2021 Allyne Clark
2019-2020 Keith Allen West
2018-2019 Cynthia Nagle
2017-2018 Dawn Bodenner
2016-2017 Kim Delker
2015-2016 David Swope
2014-2015 David Peabody
2013-2014 David Peabody
2012-2013 Anjali Solomon
2011-2012Angella Alba
2010-2011 Kim Jarigese
2009-2010 Kim Jarigese
2008-2009 James Martinez
2007-2008 Tarrah Gallegos
2006-2007 Jaymerose Lopez
2005-2006 Corrina Smith
2004-2005 Ms DJ Heckes
2003-2004 John Benavidez
2002-2003 Cassandra Shaw
2001-2002  Lori Shaw
2000-2001 Danielle Greene
1999-2000 Stacy Sacco
1998-1999 Lisa Dettweiler
1997-1998 Patricia Chavez
1996-1997 Liz Mercer
1995-1996 Joanne Branyon-Ward
1994-1995 Spencer Gerwin
1993-1994 Mary Zimmerman
1992-1993 Sandra Holland
1991-1992 Robert Fenton
1990-1991 William Broderick
1989-1990 Rick Johnson
1988-1989 Russ Romans
1987-1988 Robert Spiegel
1986-1987 Mary Anne Norton
1985-1986 Jerry Neal
1984-1985 Avraham Shama

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Our History

Avraham Shama

President 1984-1985

Jerry Neal

President 1985-1986

Phase two

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