How to Build a Kickass Brand and Protect It

A brand can become the most valuable asset a business owns. Tragically, many businesses fail to research and protect the brands they build, often rendering them worthless or even damaging.

This program will cover the basics of brand value and strategy to help creatives and businesses build strong and lasting IP assets. We will outline a practical approach to selecting brand elements and provide a framework for enforcement of brand rights and how to respond to cease and desist letters.

The program will be a useful guide full of local and national examples that participants can use every day to create value for themselves and their clients. 

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About our presenter

Seth Gardenswartz has spent the past 20 years at the intersection of marketing, technology, and the law. He started his legal career as a 17th street lawyer in Denver but transitioned to a boutique practice focused on emerging companies after going in-house as a Chief Business Development officer and general counsel for a tech startup. In 2014 he started a solo practice, which motivated him form Blackgarden Law with his partner Candice Owens. Seth is a frequent speaker at tech, entertainment and craft beverage events. He represents clients all over the country helping them build their businesses and enhance the value of their brands on and offline.

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