Confessions of a Marketer

In each episode of our quarterly Confessions of a Marketer,  the New Mexico American Marketing Association will interview local marketing leaders.

Meet Leean Kravitz, Vice President, Government Relations & Public Affairs and Regional Co-Leader for Fidelity Investments in New Mexico. Leean has a long history of working in marketing and business development in the Land of Enchantment. She also has a passion for financial literacy, community involvement, and… rubber chickens? Get to know more about Leean in this edition of Confessions of a Local Marketer.

Meet Leean Kravitz, Fidelity Investments

Color. Create. Community. Those are just a few words that can be used to illustrate DeAnn Sena OConnor’s rich experience as a local marketing professional. For this edition of NMAMA’s “Confessions of a Local Marketer”, we get to know a little more about DeAnn, both personally and professionally. Read on to learn about what inspires her, her love of dance, and the advice she always shares with new marketing professionals.

Meet DeAnn Sena OConnor,
Director of User Experience at Sunny505

DJ Heckes is well known in the marketing and business community. She is the CEO/Owner of EXHIB-IT!, a local company offering graphic design, branding, and trade show marketing services, and also a long time member of the New Mexico American Marketing Association (NMAMA). In this first edition of NMAMA’s “Confessions of a Local Marketer”, we sat down with DJ to get to know more about her both personally and professionally.

Confessions of a Local Marketer DJ Heckes, CEO/Owner of EXHIB-IT!

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